Warning Time Calculator

(version 1.0)

This application will calculate the Warning Time for Sighting Distances. The intended use is for protection methods like Look-Out Working and adjacent line protection under higher levels of protection like CSB, TOA, LPA etc.

The warning times displayed by this application are intended as a guide and do not replace any part of the appropriate procedure. Only use in conjunction with the full methods contained in all parts of the Network Rules and Reglations regarding work on track.

  • SEE TIME of 2 seconds will be subtracted from the total time for each calculation.
  • MOVE TIME is the estimated time in seconds to move all staff and equipment to a nominated safe place and will be subtracted from the total time.
  • TRACK SPEED is the line speed in km/h, as shown on signage and plans.
  • SIGHTING DISTANCE is the estimated distance from the lookout postion to the first clear sighting point of oncoming traffic.
  • WARNING TIME is the total calculated time in seconds that you need to work safely.
NOTE - Calculated warning time must be greater than 14 seconds to work safely.

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