The Rodents were a Sydney rock band formed from the ashes of Nightsprint. They performed gigs around the southern suburbs of Sydney and the NSW south coast in the mid 1980s. The line-up consisted of Rod Dye (bass/vocals), Richard Carter (guitar/vocals), Robbie Cove (drums/vocals) and Glenn Anderson (guitar/keys/vocals).

The Rodent's set-list combined mostly 80s Aussie rock, some international hits and an ever growing list of original work. The polished performances of the quartet were much sort after and return bookings were common during the heady days of their journey to stardom.

Not many people know, but the band's name "Rodents" was in reality, a complex acronym. The following details should, hopefully clear up once and for all, the depth and meaning behind the band's ubiquitous name.

R = Rodents
O = Oh look, it's the Rodents
D = Damn, well if that isn't the Rodents over there
E = Everybody look over there, it's the Rodents
N = Nice fellas, those guys in the Rodents
T = Tell your friends, the Rodents are pretty great
S = Should have gone to see the Rodents tonight instead of this other crappy band.

So now you know the full story. If you want to experience a little piece of the magic that was the Rodents, try the link below to download 4 songs from the enormous back catalogue still held in archive in a secret underground bunker hidden beneath the sands of Wanda beach.

> > > 4 tracks of pure unadulterated Rodents magic (17MB .mp3 format)

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